Your Wedding Anywhere

Although legal formalities do have to be taken care of at your local Register Office, this does not affect when you have your ceremony—the only limit is your imagination, and your dreams, and these will determine what your ceremony will encompass.

And, with a celebrant like me, the location can be…anywhere: it doesn’t have to be a licensed venue. The middle of a field, the top of a mountain, on a boat, on a beach, in your back garden—it’s your choice.



Exciting times, making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with your partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

from £550.00


A naming ceremony is an alternative way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby—but can also be performed to mark other naming occasions.

from £550.00


A tropical beach with azure blue waves lapping on golden sands, or an ancient Italian castle set in olive groves and vineyards, or…well, anywhere.

from £995.00

Telling your own story

It’s your special ceremony. The day your dreams become reality. The day you’ll be making memories to last a lifetime.

We’ll work together to create a professional occasion, completely personal to you, beautifully constructed, as traditional or as quirky, as light-hearted or as serious as you wish, and I will be there to perform your ceremony on the day

The Signing Celebrant

In the three years that I have worked as an independent celebrant, it has become increasing evident that there is a part of society who often gets marginalised on special days or events—those who are profoundly deaf.

Although this has been reflected mostly in the work that I do through Silverlode Celebrants as a Funeral Celebrant, the bottom line is: Why should anyone have to miss out on the intricacies of special occasions?

Because of the completely different nature of British Sign Language as a means of communication, I am hoping, in time, to be able to undertake private instruction on how to best serve the communities that will benefit the most, perhaps by using BSL to create Sign Supported English Ceremonies.

My life in three paragraphs

I was born in England, in Birmingham, but lived in Africa from an early age, in Zambia and South Africa. It was an enriching and beautiful experience, but I returned to England to be closer to my family in 2011.

I qualified in catering management in my early twenties, and found great joy in cooking, the greatest reward being when I ran my own catering company for 13 years and saw how people enjoyed their eating experiences. It also taught me a lot about event management and detailed planning.

I have many interests, and always enjoy a new challenge, but when not planning, writing and delivering ceremonies, you might catch me with a spoon in hand (I still love to cook!) or a good book—normally indulging in a good murder mystery—or happily crafting away.

Want to know more?

Call me on 07565 564961 or send me an email and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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